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Cartola, the official Fantasy Game of the Brasileirão

Passion, Escalation, Zoação

Assign the Brasileirão stars to your team and compete with friends and thousands of players to see who knows the most about football!

Only in Cartola's official app can you find the lineup, reserve bench, market, partials of your team, partials of the friends you follow, monthly levels, Classic Leagues, Playoffs, Challenges, club comparison, notifications, news, tips and a lot more!

And now you can subscribe to Cartola PRO directly from the Google Play Store, faster, more convenient!

See the news of Cartola 2022:

- Awards: Now awards are for everyone*, participate in the Méliuz Award-Winning League! Climb up and earn cashback every round! Also compete for prizes by round, month, shift and season and the final draw!

- Card donation: Did it get complicated, mate? Is your equity less than 100 cards? Look at the opportunity... ask for a donation and get your equity back again for C$100! It is only worth asking for a donation once a season.

- New rule in the Reserve Bank: Now, if your holder doesn't play, the backup you selected for that position will only replace if he scored positive! Climb your bank and never lose points!

- Scouts: Scouts are the same, but some scores have changed and will help you to score better!

- Discord: New this season is the Cartola Club, exclusive to Cartoleiro PRO! In addition to exclusive tips and chats with Gato Mestre, influencers and casting, enjoy the Cartola Watch Party and new formats to play with friends, such as the Running Points League and Cartolive!

* only for people over 18 years old and valid only for one team per user, upon acceptance of the award regulation.

How does the game work?
• Create your own team with name, badge and uniform
• Climb the Brasileirão stars and get ready for the round
• Follow the games and see the actions that athletes do on the field, adding points for your team
• There are 3 types of competitions, for all tastes: climb the rankings in the Classic Leagues, eliminate your opponents in Deathmatch and face your friends in the Doubles Challenge!
  • Chegou a temporada 2022 e claro, o Cartola chegou junto, cheio de coisa boa! Participe da Liga Premiada Méliuz, escale seu time para ganhar cashback a cada rodada e concorra a um monte de prêmios! Alguns scouts têm novas pontuações e você pode agora pedir uma doação se o seu patrimônio desvalorizar para menos de 100 cartoletas. Ah! Escale seu banco e nunca perca pontos, agora o seu reserva só vai substituir o titular que não jogou se pontuar positivo!

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